5 Things to Keep in Mind When on a Long Bus Trip

No matter if you’re heading out to Las Vegas, Reno, somewhere around Sacramento or as far as Canada, you surely know that you can rely on Limo MGM to take you there. Even if you want to go anywhere else be certain that the nearest bus rental company in Sacramento stands at your disposal for church trips, university visits, weddings, corporate outings and soooo much more, at the best prices!

Just call 888-309-5551, share your desired pick up location with us,  how many stops do you want to make, and where you want the drop off location to be. Along with that, give us the info on how many people are a part of your group, which vehicle do you want and (most importantly) when should this trip take place. The best Sacramento coach bus rental company near you will do everything in its power to accommodate your wishes.

After you get yourself a coach bus rental nearby, you ought to slowly start preparing yourself both mentally and physically for the voyage itself. Since Limo MGM provided you with top-notch motor coach rental, it’s only polite to help you share a few pro-tips that will make your long bus ride quite enjoyable:

1. Get Comfy

Make sure that a blanket and pillow are first on your must-pack list. When one is inside of a bus for an extended period of time, a handy U-shaped neck pillow is a must have if you want to catch some ZzZz without straining your neck. On that note, if you think that bringing a blanket would be too much of a hassle even though the cabins can get chilly, any jacket or poncho will do! They can serve as a substitute for a blanket during the ride but also keep the cold away once you’re outside.

    · Dress wisely

Speaking of clothing, try to dress with an emphasis on comfort, not so much on style. If you can do both at the same time- more power to you!  Even though all of the charters Limo MGM provides have plenty of legroom, and reclining seats (take a peek at this fantastic fleet!), it’ll all be useless if you put on something that’s mighty uncomfortable. Besides, do you really want to waste your best outfits on a bus ride?

    · Think about your well-being!

Please don’t forget all your necessary medication (if you have any) and some remedies to help you fight against motion sickness and headache if you’re prone to getting those. All the coziest blankets in the world and the smartest travel outfits won’t feel as comfortable if you’re ill during the whole trip.

2. Don’t Let Hunger Get the Best of You!

Pack your favorite snacks! Yeah, the stops along the way will give you plenty of opportunities to get a bite to eat, but you surely want to stay on a safe side. Nobody can guarantee you that the stores en route will carry that brand and flavor of your beloved tiny meal, right? Try with bananas, apples, other dried fruits, various nuts & seeds or granola bars – that is, if healthy snacks are your thing. Still, in case you don’t care for eating healthy while on the road, go for the classics: pretzels, chips, chocolates etc. FYI, bring a bottle of water or some other drink of your choice if you get thirsty.

3. Try to Keep Everything Clean

You don’t want to feel icky during your trip, or after it, right? That’s why wet wipes and hand sanitizers were invented, dear travelers! Remind yourself to take a few extra packs of tissues, napkins and toilet paper. Those things are worth their weight in gold one some unfortunate mishaps happen along the way! Trips to the bathroom will be much more pleasant and any mishaps easier to take care of if you have these valuables have on hand. That list can also include feminine hygiene product. Even if it’s not your time of the month, you could tremendously help some lady (or a girl) in the time of need! Fixing each other’s crowns, remember?

Pro tip: When on the subject of hygiene, your pearly whites shouldn’t be overlooked! Although schlepping a toothbrush and a toothpaste might be an over-kill, a pack of chewing gum can be a lifesaver. It will keep the bad breath away, and freshen you up for many miles to come.

With these items, you just can’t go wrong, and they will make your trip cleaner and more enjoyable.

4. Find Ways to Entertain Yourself

Why would you waste your mobile data if there’s another way to check your emails or surf the interwebs for fun? Most motorcoach companies near me list WiFi among other benefits they provide, and you can bet that Limo MGM does the same.

In case you’re an old-school soul, and you don’t want to increase your screen time, bring a book! Or if extended stretches of miles get your creative juices flowing, your writing or drawing supplies will be a godsend while on the road.

5) Last but Not Least: Be Nice

Nobody wants to be *that* passenger that everybody complains about. It’s easy to be a considerate co-traveler.

    · Bring your earphones, instead of blasting your music or shows
    · Don’t make a huge mess if you can help it; if it happens, try to clean it up
    · Make your phone calls short, sweet and as quiet as possible
    · Be punctual. Being the person who makes the whole group wait is never fun
    · Don’t recline your chair to the point of inconvenience for the passenger behind you
    · Kicking the seat in front of you is hardly a pleasant experience for a person sitting in front of you

Bear in mind these few things next time when you’re on the road, and the good times along the way are guaranteed. Bon voyage!

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