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Boreal Mountain Resort is a small ski resort with a slight overall elevation difference, located in the
northern mid-subtropical latitudes of the Western Hemisphere, in a region with coordinates 39.3 ° north
latitude, 120.4 ° west longitude. From an administrative point of view, the place has the following
location: USA, California.

The main facilities of the resort are located at an altitude of 2196 meters from the sea surface. The
highest point is 2349 meters above sea level. The height difference is 153 meters. The resort has ten
lifts, and in addition forty-one slopes. It offers night skiing until 09:00pm. The area of ​​the tracks exceeds
two square kilometers. The resort can be noted for the exceptional climatic conditions that have an
extremely positive effect on the snow conditions. The area of ​​the resort is characterized by an annual
rainfall of ten meters, in addition to the good climatic conditions in the Boreal Mountain Resort, a
modern system of snow generation and snow preparation.


Terrain Park is the main attraction for many “park” skiers and snowboarders. Features include handrails,
drawers, super-halfpipe, as well as new features such as c-shaped boxes, a 15-step ladder, and a wave
box. The snow playground for the whole family, named Playland, has been redesigned to include snow
tubing and snow games for the whole family. Playland snow tubing is available on the Magic Carpet lift.

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READ all the terms and conditions of each resort on their website. There are important details regarding lift ticket purchase limitations, cancellations and reservations. Do not arrive at the resort and learn the hard way about restrictions that might ruin your day! Bring a mask as required by resorts.

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