Skiers and snowboarders let MGM take you to the slopes!

MGM Sacramento Ski Bus Transportation to the Sierra Ski Resorts

Ride to the Sierra’s ski resorts and leave your worries behind as you let us do the driving, skip the parking lot woes and cleaning that frozen snow off your windows. No worries if you don’t own a 4wheel drive we will take you there! Our ski bus lets you ride in comfort where you can snooze and get ready for the day of half-pipes, breathtaking runs, and fun on the slopes.


READ all the terms and conditions of each resort on their website. There are important details regarding lift ticket purchase limitations, cancellations and reservations. Do not arrive at the resort and learn the hard way about restrictions that might ruin your day! Bring a mask as required by resorts.

READ the MGM Terms and Conditions carefully!  READ Ski resort policies regarding lift ticket purchases.

MGM Sacramento Ski Bus is TRANSPORTATION ONLY   we do not offer lift tickets, rental equipment or accommodations.   You must purchase lift tickets and make reservations where required for equipment rental and in some resorts, reservations for lifts are required due to limited guests.

Terms & Conditions:

Cancellation:  Bus transportation reservation cancellation, the fee is NON REFUNDABLE

Notify MGM Getaways  by email 5 days prior to departure of  cancellation  for a 25% discount on a future trip   list name, address, phone, email,  trip destination, date of travel,

No show:   no refunds offered for not showing up  for a scheduled trip

Late arrivals:   no refunds offered for boarding bus late in the morning or at a ski resort for return

There will be a maximum 10-minute wait for the departure, please arrive in time to store equipment on the bus or we depart without your fee nonrefundable.

Weather delay or road conditions diversion.  Due to extreme weather conditions that prevent the bus from traveling, due to road closures by CALTRANS or unavoidable travel delays resulting in late arrival at the designated resort, or delays in returning to the originating parking area, will not constitute a refund.

NO Alcohol allowed or you are expelled from the bus. Bring your own snacks and water we do not provide; No vaping, smoking,  drugs,  drunk or obnoxious behavior will all get you removed from the bus to find your own way home at your own expense, with no refund.

ID Required:  Bring your ID (driver’s license or School ID) must show proof of ID to our driver; you may need discounts on lift tickets at the resort, or to rent equipment.

Loyalty booking    5 or more trips paid in full and completed trips per one individual traveler will earn one free trip.  This cannot be applied to group travel rates.  Valid for individual paid/used bookings only.

Parking not responsible at the departure location. LOCK your vehicle, but all items in the trunk lock any ski storage racks. Leave nothing visible on the inside of your car. MGM is not liable for theft, vandalism, or damage to your vehicle.