Diamond Peak Ski Resort

Are you looking for a ski resort with a diamond view? This resort has a lot to offer you. Our charter bus service is the perfect choice of transportation for you and your group to this wonderful ski resort.

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Most ski resorts in the United States cannot boast of scenic views. The exception is Diamond Peak,
located on the shores of Lake Tahoe. On clear days, the blue of the lake is amazing, but it becomes even more beautiful here when clouds gather in the valley. It seems that the lake has risen several hundred
meters and turned white.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort is a popular American youth resort located 27 miles southwest of Reno,

Thirty tracks are waiting for skiers and snowboarders from the beginning of December to the end of
April at the Dimond Peak resort, of which 18% are suitable for beginner skiers, 46% are easy tracks, 36%
will be of interest to those who are confidently skiing. The longest descent of the Diamond Peak resort is
3.2 km.

The height of the resort is 2044 meters of absolute height. The highest facilities of the Diamond Peak
resort are located at an altitude of 2605 meters above sea level. The height difference of the resort is
561 meters.

The area of ​​the tracks exceeds three square kilometers. The amount of precipitation that falls here
annually, on average, is more than eight meters, in addition to this, an artificial snow system is used to
correct the snow coverage at the Diamond Peak resort.

The resort has a daily instructor department, and the youngest guests (from 2 years old) are welcome in
the children’s area for games with professional educators and animators.

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READ all the terms and conditions of each resort on their website. There are important details regarding lift ticket purchase limitations, cancellations and reservations. Do not arrive at the resort and learn the hard way about restrictions that might ruin your day! Bring a mask as required by resorts.