Our fleet of exceptionally-looking vehicles will not only accommodate all of your travel needs, they will amaze you and offer you complete relaxation and amusement during your journey.

Passengers: (1-4) | Luggage: (0-4)

Our sleek but grand Mercedes S550 offers ultimate luxury and comfort making your transportation a treat. Enhanced safety features of this immaculate peace of art have raised the bar in modern transportation.

Passengers: (8-10) | Luggage: (0-4)

Our Chrysler Limo 300C is absolutely loaded with features exceeding the needs of even the most discerning clients. Apart from all the smart tech equipment and its classy exterior, the ergonomically designed interior makes this vehicle very attractive and above all ultra-comfortable.

Passengers: (12-14) | Luggage: (0-4)

If you decide to forgo the classics and enjoy in something really uncommon, then Chrysler limo is the perfect choice. Comes with superior sound system, jet style door, utmost comfort and equipment ready to sate even the most demanding clients.

2020 Cadillac Escalade Limo
Passengers: (20) | Luggage: (0-20)

To cruise in ultimate style, the 2020 Cadillac Escalade 20-passenger Limousine boasts a jet style door with TVs, DVD, CD player, and Bluetooth connect bars. For the perfect mood lighting, choose from 3D lights, mood lights, disco effects, strobe lights, and neon lights.

Passengers: (20) | Luggage: (0-4)

If you’re planning to party hard and make the most of it, Hummer 2 that can seat up to 20 people and still hold enough room and amenities to make your transportation a movable fun. Set the mood inside your fully-equipped Hummer limousine and get ready to have the time of your life.

2020 Mercedes Sprinter Limo
Passengers: (20) | Luggage: (0-4)

If you are looking for the ultimate in style and comfort, look no further than the 2020 Mercedes Sprinter Limo Van. This 12-14 passenger Sprinter boasts TVs, DVD, CD player, and Bluetooth connect bars. For the perfect mood lighting, choose from 3D lights, mood lights, disco effects, strobe lights, and neon lights.

Passengers: (25-30) | Luggage: (0-30)

International Party Bus will take you anywhere you want to go in complete comfort and luxury. The difference is that inside of it, you might forget where you were headed for in the first place. But don’t worry we will do the driving and set the itinerary in advance. This vehicle has everything you can imagine plus some things that you have never dreamed of.

Passengers: (30-35) | Luggage: (0-30)

If you want to know how it feels to be a rock star on a tour, the Freightliner just might provide a fairly similar experience. It is perfect for a luxurious party of more than 30 people. It is designed by professionals for your comfort and safety and on top of all amusement.

2019 Ford F550 Bus
Passengers: (27) | Luggage: (0-20)

When you want to feel like a million bucks going places with your group, 2019 Ford F550 Executive Coach Bus could just be what you are looking for. With a TV & strong Wi-Fi connection inside, you’ll stay updated on the relevant & fun news around the globe, even while on the road. Designed by professionals with your comfort and pleasure in mind, this 27-passenger bus has a DVD, CD player, and a PA system built in to ensure your absolute on-the-road satisfaction.

2019 Freightliner M2 Bus
Passengers: (30-40) | Luggage: (0-40)

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury and comfort, look no further. The Freightliner M2 bus has on-board Wi-Fi, a washroom, 2 tables, custom luggage racks, foot rests, cup holders, 8 TVs, DVD, and CD players with Grech elite armrests. There are also blue lights & reading lights for your convenience.

MCI J4500 Coach Bus
Passengers: (56) | Luggage: (0-56)

When you need a lot of space, but don’t want to compromise comfort, go with a coach bus. It fits 56 passengers, all their luggage, and it has Wi-Fi on board. Also comes with plush seats and several TV screens.

Mercedes Sprinter Exec 2016
Passengers: (14) | Luggage: (0-14)

Our luxurious Mercedes Sprinter Exec 2016 boasts Grech elite seats, under seat floor lighting, LED accent lighting, AM/FM and CD with upgraded speakers, electric running boards, 110/USB on every row, and inverter rear luggage compartment. Enjoy our shuttle 32″ TV with half wall and DVD player, window shades, and composite flooring.