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You expect only pleasant impressions from such a vacation as going to the mountains for winter
holidays. The first step you need to do find the suitable transportation. We are here to offer you a safe
and a comfortable transportation to one of the most desirable resorts in North America.

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Sunny skies and magnificent mountain landscapes make Lake Tahoe one of the most desirable resorts in
North America. Lake Tahoe has many resorts and the famous one is Heavenly.

Genuinely named to describe its sublime landscape, Heavenly Mountain Resort dazzles skiers with its
inspiring mountains and sensational lake views. Lying on the border with California and Nevada,
Heavenly is the largest ski resort in Lake Tahoe, with 4,800 acres of ski area and 34 miles of ski runs,
including 97 different trails accessed by 29 ski lifts. The spectacular complex makes it one of the most
unique ski resorts in the world. The resort offers wide open, groomed slopes as well as trails that cut
through peaceful pine forests. Sometimes skiers stop halfway to marvel at the glittering blue waters of
Lake Tahoe, sparkling in the sun, or the amazing Nevada desert landscape.


Heavenly is popular with both skiers and snowboarders and works at all ability levels: 20 percent of runs
are beginner, 45 percent are intermediate, and 35 percent are advanced. The most challenging runs
include 1,600-foot dives with Double-black Diamond canyon, a 1.800-foot Gunbarrel Run canyon, and
“pillow drops” in Nevada Woods. For extreme skiers, Heavenly has a Treble Park where you can try 80-
foot ski jumps. One advantage of Heavenly over other Tahoe ski resorts is the wide range of hotels,
cabins and restaurants nearby. The lively atmosphere of the resort also makes Heavenly a favorite
among those looking for a fun ski vacation. Even if you are just a beginner and want to sharpen your
skills you can book a lesson with one of the world-class instructors and explore more of the mountain
with confidence.

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READ all the terms and conditions of each resort on their website. There are important details regarding lift ticket purchase limitations, cancellations and reservations. Do not arrive at the resort and learn the hard way about restrictions that might ruin your day! Bring a mask as required by resorts.

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