Have you decided to visit Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort? We offer quality charter bus rentals for any group
looking to take a one-day trip or a weekend stay at Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resorts. It’s a resort with
excellent accommodation, food and holiday options.

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Conveniently located 16 miles from the city of South Lake Tahoe, Sierra at Tahoe Ski Resort has been
named a “Top 10 Complex Resort” in the United States due to its great value and excellent ski runs. This
family resort offers excellent accommodation and food options as well as holiday options. Sierra-at-
Tahoe is ideal for intermediate skiers. Half of the resort’s ski runs are intermediate; the other half
includes 25 percent beginners and 25 percent advanced runs. Those who learn to ski will appreciate the
resort lessons and the four lifts that are reserved for beginners only.

The resort covers 2,000 acres of ski terrain, with 46 runs accessible by 14 lifts, as well as some tree-like
areas and access to 320 acres of backcountry. The scenic runs are popular for both skiers and
snowboarders. One of the main advantages of Sierra at Tahoe is that the resort’s ski slopes are sheltered
from the wind, making skiing conditions more enjoyable. The resort receives an average snowfall of 480
inches per year, providing a pleasant blanket of powder coating on the slopes. Sierra-at-Tahoe
Landscape Parks has earned a mention of the top 10 best parks and tubes in the United States list.
Terrain parks have seven different options for all types of freestyle, such as extreme ski jumps, spins and
snowboard tricks.

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READ all the terms and conditions of each resort on their website. There are important details regarding lift ticket purchase limitations, cancellations and reservations. Do not arrive at the resort and learn the hard way about restrictions that might ruin your day! Bring a mask as required by resorts.