Chauffeurs’ Confessions: Driving a Limo Is Different Than I Expected

Limo MGM staff has talked to a few of our drivers (both newer and our veterans) to hear what their experiences are working as limo drivers in our company. Truth? We didn’t make them say any of the things they did!

Ray, P.

When I decided to upgrade from a taxi to a limo driver, I knew the dynamic of my workday was going to change, but I didn’t have a clue it was going to change THIS MUCH! At first, it was stressful, and it took time to get used to everything. I hated it. It seemed too much of everything – the rulebook was too overwhelming to handle at times. But, it didn’t take longer than a month of limo driving to grow on me. I swear, one of the most amazing and rewarding things ever is to see a client leaving your limo happy, relaxed and thrilled! I see our customers stressed, overworked, always in a rush to get here and there… and it makes me so excited to see our company’s helping them at least a bit. I specialize in corporate transportation and work with business people for the most part. These days, I can’t be happier to get to work!

Steven, J.

Committing to a limo company and specializing in a specific type of transportation can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, you can get lucky to work with phenomenal people that treat you right and give you the opportunity to grow, entrust you with A-lister clients and treat you like one of their own, and on the other… heh, well – you can end up with a firm that’s just wrong in every way possible, that is – wrong for you. The previous company I was in got me thinking it’s time I quit this career and start something else. I was always tired, with too many rides in a day and no schedule beforehand so I can plan my week. I was on call non-stop, even though my contract said nothing about it. After I quit, I was convinced I won’t work in the limo industry ever again. Luckily, a friend who was working with Limo MGM recommended the company and advised I apply. I was reluctant at first, but when I sat the first interview with the guys, I knew this is where I wanted to work. I’ve been with them for over three years now and couldn’t be happier! I specialize in airport transportation, and while it isn’t always easy to keep up with flight delays, tense customers, baggage claim and stuff like that, it’s truly awesome to see them relax when they get our help with everything airport-related, and a limo ride they deserve. It’s the best part of my day!

Linda, S.

You wouldn’t expect a girl to be your driver, but since Limo MGM is all about diversity, inclusion and an excellent atmosphere – here I am. When I started this job (a decade ago), I didn’t think limo business would grow as it did and our fleet would get this fabulous. These days, it’s all about letting loose and giving yourself a few chill hours away from everyday chores and celebrating your once-in-a-lifetime moments properly. The things I’ve seen and situations I’ve witnessed in a limo, dear Lord (haha)! I drive special occasions limo, and it’s never dull! Although there are times when I come to work down and unenthusiastic about the next overexcited party of graduates, bridesmaids, birthday party guests and other customers… when I see them happy and excited, my mood instantly goes up! It’s lovely to be a part of an industry that helps people be happy, at least for a few hours and several precious moments they’ll remember.

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