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5 Things to Keep in Mind When on a Long Bus Trip

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No matter if you’re heading out to Las Vegas, Reno, somewhere around Sacramento or as far as Canada, you surely know that you can rely on Limo MGM to take you there. Even if you want to go anywhere else be certain that the nearest bus rental company in Sacramento stands at your disposal for church trips, university visits, weddings, corporate outings and soooo much more, at the best prices!

Just call 888-309-5551, share your desired pick up location with us,  how many stops do you want to make, and where you want the drop off location to be. Along with that, give us the info on how many people are a part of your group, which vehicle do you want and (most importantly) when should this trip take place. The best Sacramento coach bus rental company near you will do everything in its power to accommodate your wishes.

After you get yourself a coach bus rental nearby, you ought to slowly start preparing yourself both mentally and physically for the voyage itself. Since Limo MGM provided you with top-notch motor coach rental, it’s only polite to help you share a few pro-tips that will make your long bus ride quite enjoyable:

Get Comfy - 5 Things to Keep in Mind When on a Long Bus Trip

Where to Party in Sacramento… in October?

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With October almost over (can you believe it?), all you are left with is approximately ten days or less till November, and all the Christmas jazz that comes after (not that anything Christmas related is bad, far from). Sacramento October is pretty warm, so why not use these remaining days to kick start some fun, indulge in things that make you swoon and jump to some of the best parties in Sacramento? Alright!

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Here’s a list of suggestions that may interest you:

Where to Party in Sacramento

What to Do When You Have a Layover in San Francisco National Airport?

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Are you stranded on San Francisco National Airport between your two flights? If SFO were your starting point, you could’ve easily booked a MGM’s  luxurious town car to take you all the way your terminal and make the whole process much easier (live and learn, right?), but alas…

Now that you’ve found yourself within the confines of the seventh-busiest airport in the USA, and are left with time to spare before boarding on the next plane, here are few ideas on how to kill time without being bored out of your mind.

Layover in SFO?

5 Wineries You Must Visit When in Napa Valley

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Napa Valley is known for its wineries, many people visit this region exclusively for that reason. However, since there are more than 400 of these, almost magical winemaking places in Napa Valley, squeezing them all into ONE outing would be a tremendous challenge. Even if you book a highly specialized car service for your wine tour and manage to visit each and every one (and get to taste all the alcoholic beverages those vineries can offer!), it’ll all still be in vain. Don’t get us wrong, your contributions to wine-world would be greatly appreciated, for sure – but you do want to arrange things in a more logical way, and have several tours in order to see the most of it.

5 Wineries You Must Visit When in Napa Valley

5 Things to Do in Sacramento the Way Locals Would Do Them

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If you are hoping for an authentic California experience, do as the locals would – jump right in and go have a slice of the best Sacramento pizza, catch a show at Golden 1 Center, enjoy in a little comedy at the best local bars and theatres and explore Sacramento wine country. Since Sacramento boasts on over 230 days of sunshine per year, it goes without saying that outdoor activities (and yes, that includes outdoor music festivals and concert series, too) are a must.

Aerial image of Sacramento - 5 Things to Do in Sacramento

Sacramento Charter Bus Tours

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Are you looking for a way to transport your friends, family and loved ones from Sacramento to San Francisco and other near-by cities? Hire a charter bus and let the road trip begin! This way of ground transportation is very convenient when you have a larger group of people that need to be at the same destination.